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The Bizarre Artventure Of DefenC0R

Illustrator | Painter | Content Creator

Who Is DefenC0R & Defensor Artz?

DefenC0R (pen name), is a freelance artist and vtuber that does illustrations, oil painting, and content creation.Defensor Artz is the bizarre artventure business of DefenC0R that sells high quality paintings and both two-dimensional and three-dimensional entertainment merchandise online and at pop-up shops/conventions.

Want To Commission Me?

We make custom paintings both digital and traditional, and all commissions are applicable for commercial use.

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To Be Continued On Our Social Medias!For any inquiries/commissions, you can contact me through via
Email, Twitter, or Discord

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Mixed Media Paintings Of DefenC0R

Our Collectible Buttons

Plushie Merchandise

Commission Details & Prices

What I Can Draw

Original Art
Fan Art
Book Covers / Concept Art / Storyboard

What I Will NOT Draw

Heavy Gore
Other Artists OC's
Other Styles of Art

Types of Commissions

Oil Painting Commissions

MeasurementsHalf BodyFull Body
8" x 10"$90$120
11" x 14"$140$170
16" x 20"$200$230

+ Shipping & Handling Based on Region/Country

Mini Oil Painting Commissions

MeasurementsWithout Easelw/ Easel
Mini Oil Paintings
(2.75" x 2.75")

+ Shipping & Handling Based on Region/Country

Mixed Media Paintings

Bust Up$90
Half Body$140
Full Body$200

+ Shipping & Handling Based on Region/Country

What The DANGO Is That?

▼ This is what we're up to! ▼

Convention Artventures

Come join us in our Convention Artventures around the world! I would love to get to meet you and show you all my work and art exclusives!

Our Twitch

I stream EXCLUSIVELY on Twitch every Sunday, Wednesday, and Saturday @ 8:30 PM EST (GMT-4). I would love it if you can join our stream community!


I am DefenC0R or call me Defen
I am the "ONLY" talking Dango VTuber!
And yes, I am a Japanese sweet rice treat that is sentient, but I practiced ART for my ENTIRE LIFE...
Except for oil painting... I been doing oil painting since 2012.
I also have a cute girlfriend name Eveebakes!
Come and join in the fun

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Terms of Service

What Is Expected

➤ If you are commissioning me to do art/work, you are acknowledging you are purchasing for my style of art and not other artist's styles. This also gives me the rights to decline a commission if necessary.➤ All Commission Payments is done through Paypal using USD ($) as currency, and all artworks must be paid upfront and are non-refundable (unless I am unable to continue with the project). If the artwork is too complex or rushed, additional costs will be added onto the commission and must be given at least 3 weeks to finish artwork.➤ All commissions made by me are applicable for commercial use and must be given credit, and if you plan to use the commission for making prints, merch, etc. you must give me a percentage royalty for selling my art (Email/Message me to discuss this via contract).➤ I hold the rights over my commissions to be posted over my social medias, galleries, and shops. This also gives me the rights to be able to use commission for my content creation (Twitch, YouTube, TikTok, etc.).➤ If the commission is a fanart, I am absolved from any legal responsibility if you are found using said artwork for anything other than personal use.

Your/Client Rights

➤ You are allowed to use my art for any commercial use, given that you credit me and print for yourself. BUT, if artwork is used to sell in mass production of prints, merch, etc. you must give me rights to a percentage of royalty if used that way (Must be NEGOTIATED with me via contract).➤ You are allowed to manipulate the artwork (Resizing and cropping for social media use). BUT you CANNOT draw, paint, remove my watermark/logo, or color over my work.

How This Works (Commission Process)

You the client must provide a reference of what needs to be painted/drawn. So, I the artist can get a clear understanding what needs to be done.➤ I will keep in contact / update you my work process (via: email or messenger).➤ ONLY 1 revision can be made for said artwork. Additional charges will be added if more revisions are needed, unless I the artist made a mistake.➤ ANY MAJOR changes must be done during the underpainting/sketch process. If client wants something changed after the underpainting/sketch stage, an up-charge will automatically added to work, and more time will be needed for artwork to be finished/dry.➤ The estimated time for the artwork/commission starts when I the artist email/message you when I begin, otherwise your artwork/commission is currently waitlisted.➤ Any finished work will be mailed via package, or picked up at said location. This must be discussed about during contract process. Also any digital files (PSD, PDF, etc.) will be emailed to client.

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Our Convention List

Name of ConventionDate
My-Con03/18 /23
SwampCon03/25/23 - 03/26/23
MegaCon Orlando03/30/23 - 04/02/23
Anime Festival Orlando06/16/23 - 06/18/23
Metrocon07/14/23 - 07/16/23
Tampa Bay Comic Con07/28/23 - 07/30/23

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